Sunday, June 28, 2009

People are crazy

I was buying a few things at Lowe's this afternoon when a woman with a dog in the store started talking to me.

Woman: "You must be having a girl!"
Me: "You're right!"
Woman: "I know because of how you're carrying her. Just like a torpedo! That is how I carried my girls!"
Me: "Wow."
Woman walking towards to me: "Let me see..."
Me thinking: I think this woman is going to touch my stomach.

Then...I realized that she was trying to lift up my shirt to LOOK at my stomach!

Me, holding my shirt down: "Please don't do that!"
Woman: "Oh, your modest."

Me, thinking: You are crazy!
The woman had a few other suggestions and comments for me...and I think she was crazy!

My next stop was at Goodwill and there I encountered a woman who walked over and handed me a figurine in the shape a fertility god--one of those wood carved figures.

Woman: You should wear this like a necklace!
Me: Ummm...I'm pregnant.
Woman: But these figures are supposed to make your baby beautiful.
Me, thinking: Are you serious? You are crazy too!
Me, saying: "No, I'm not in need of that. My husband would think that was crazy too."
Woman: "Maybe so."
Me, thinking: Now, where is the exit?, people were crazy.


Olivia said...

OH, MY!!! :) We could all seriously author a book on stupid things people do and say when a woman's preggo. I think it was Scott Wade who said something about very few people being a part of the "Normal Club". Mark says, "Stay home, Meredith!" When I was pregnant, I had a female gas attendant try to reach through the small bit of car window that was open to touch my stomach while my tank was being filled up...craziness! ;) Love you, friend!

Kim said...

See Meredith? This is why you need to keep blogging. I needed a good laugh tonight before bed. I'm sorry it was at your expense. ;)

Oh my. Lifting up your shirt...that is most definitely a first.

Sarah said...

Wow! Two in one day - Why is it that primarily women are the crazy ones towards other pregnant woman? Do they not remember how they felt when people tried to touch their stomachs? I feel like most of the crazy people tend to be ones that already have children. I'm just sayin...

Love to you and your family from the Kirksey's! :)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

No!! She actually tried to lift your shirt!? What is wrong with people? I would never even think about crossing that line. In fact, I wouldn't even be close to the line. ;)

Wilson Family said...

Yikes that is crazy!!

Aj Schwanz said...

Ha! That is SO something I would expect if I were visiting my Southern relatives - not so much a Northwestern kind of thing. Apparently you have a sympathetic to crazies kind of vibe ... or maybe it's just your little one who does (look out!). :)

Elizabeth said...

Good grief! I am laughing out loud - I can see your facial expressions as you mull over what each of those crazy ladies said to you. HILARIOUS and yes, quite crazy.
Oh, I miss you! :)