Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I really am a processor--I've been reminded this week that my heart and head do better when I have time to think or talk about things. I do better when I have a little space for reflection or reassessment. I do better when I've planned and I have some sense of direction.

I found some writing I did a few years ago for a personal leadership class and it was interesting to read what I said was important to me--with my context being engaged, full time job, and no children. Now I've been married for seven years, have one child with one on the way, and work part time.

Life gets full. But I'm reminded that I don't want to be consumed with tasks...and I need to allow myself the space to process and make meaning.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

People are crazy

I was buying a few things at Lowe's this afternoon when a woman with a dog in the store started talking to me.

Woman: "You must be having a girl!"
Me: "You're right!"
Woman: "I know because of how you're carrying her. Just like a torpedo! That is how I carried my girls!"
Me: "Wow."
Woman walking towards to me: "Let me see..."
Me thinking: I think this woman is going to touch my stomach.

Then...I realized that she was trying to lift up my shirt to LOOK at my stomach!

Me, holding my shirt down: "Please don't do that!"
Woman: "Oh, your modest."

Me, thinking: You are crazy!
The woman had a few other suggestions and comments for me...and I think she was crazy!

My next stop was at Goodwill and there I encountered a woman who walked over and handed me a figurine in the shape a fertility god--one of those wood carved figures.

Woman: You should wear this like a necklace!
Me: Ummm...I'm pregnant.
Woman: But these figures are supposed to make your baby beautiful.
Me, thinking: Are you serious? You are crazy too!
Me, saying: "No, I'm not in need of that. My husband would think that was crazy too."
Woman: "Maybe so."
Me, thinking: Now, where is the exit?

Really...today, people were crazy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Music tonight

I really appreciate the votes and feedback--thank you so much. I'm still thinking about what this "new season" will look like but I'm going to keep the blog and see where I wind up. I still think about what thoughts to post and pictures that I should post so slowly but surely it will come together.

Tonight Pandora is on and we're enjoying some tunes after a fun day out and about. Adventures revolving around looking at cribs, playing with Quinn, and IKEA. I'm pleased to say that we found a crib and mattress at IKEA plus a new little table, easel, and storage for Quinn--and it all fit in the car along with two adults, a car seat, and one toddler.

Quinn is thrilled with the easel and will be beside himself when he gets to sit at his new table. He was already talking about how he will be sharing both with the baby. "Mom, I'll use one side of the easel and the baby will use the other side--and I'll go check on her on the other side."

So my top five songs that have been played thus far on "my" Pandora station:

"Africa" by Toto
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Tears for Fears (who will be playing at the Zoo concert series...I'm tempted to go!)
"Who Can It Be Now" by Men at Work
"Why" by Annie Lennox
"Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My blogging as of late has been pretty sporadic. I have lots of things that I'm thinking about. Lots of random things to share. Pictures I really should post so I can talk about Quinn and babies and family and lots of other things. I am a processor so blogging initially was about me being able to connect that process to the rest of the world (i.e. family and friends that read this) so I wasn't alone in the house with a small child talking to myself. You can picture it can't you? I'm on facebook now too but haven't joined the twitter ranks. Even with facebook, I take a quick look at statuses but I'm not a big contributer to the social network. And, even with blogs, I like to read about the experiences of others and how they are doing life--even if I don't know them.

Because I process things, I'm processing how "plugged in" I am to online "stuff" and if I want to be more intentional about putting my thoughts and whatever else is floating around in my brain out here on the blog. Like, I'm really enjoying organizing and purging the house and I could blog about it but does anyone else want to know about it? :) Or, I'm committed to reading through all of the Henri Nouwen books I have. Or, we cut the cable umbilical cord on May 1st and it has been really good for us to not have cable and a big change for us. Or, I've watched some really excellent movies recently and have been really moved (I have to give a big recommendation for "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas").

I have a little poll going to get a little feedback about the direction of this blog. I'm considering keeping the blog and writing more often. Or, letting go of the blog. I know different seasons have different needs so I'm trying to assess what this season needs.

Be sure to click on the poll...I'm curious about how many people read this and the poll is anonymous. If you want to leave a comment and give some feedback, feel free :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The big brother

Tonight, after I had been to Quinn's room for the third time with requests of back rubs and songs, I was leaving Quinn's room.

"Good night, honey."
"Mom...I love you.......
I hope the baby sleeps well."
"I love you too Quinn.
I hope the baby sleeps well too."

What a sweet man.