Friday, May 1, 2009

Restoring Order

One of the blogs I like to check out has been hosting a "Restoring Order" series to inspire spring cleaning and restoring order to our homes. It actually has been really helpful to read things that other people are doing and I've been enjoying tackling some of my own projects. We have 19 weeks until "Baby Dos" arrives and I keep thinking about the things that we need to do to get ready. In fact, I have a list two pages long of things to do...and I'm excited! I've already crossed some items off and while I forget to take before pictures I do have some pictures of what I've been up to!
I cleared out this medicine cabinet and got rid of a HUGE bag of medicine (pills and liquids) that we no longer use. The pharmacy said that you can dispose of old medication by mixing it all together in a container and adding something like cat litter or coffee grounds. It is a nasty combo! I also cleared out old bottles and cups that Quinn no longer uses!

It may not look like much but I had a gazillion t-shirts from events and school and everything in between. I was able to clear out a lot of unused clothes. Baby steps get you somewhere!

Quinn's Room Project

Before: Right side of closet
After: baby clothes cleared out, hanging shelves emptied, top shelves better utilized

Before: left side of closet

After: top shelf reorganized, baby items removed, toys have new home in closet
A clean and organized bed area
More room to move around with most of the toys in Quinn's closet

Quinn is peeking out from the closet but the bookshelves have books and toys for easy access

Tackling Quinn's room was one I had been putting off but I thought it would take a long, long time but I was wrong. I was able to do everything in less than two hours and felt so great about it afterwards!

I've taken on 6 of the 21 boxes currently sitting in our garage from when we moved three years ago and I have lots of things for a garage sale. It feels good to throw things away, recycle old papers, and recognize that many of these things we don't need. Maybe someone else would benefit from them.

I'm excited about this progress! More updates to come on this later!

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kim said...

Yay garage sale items! I've been meaning to bring this up to the girls, wondering if people have enough for hosting the 3rd annual garage sale on Main Street...??? Hope so! It would be fun and satisfying!

Nice work on all this, too!