Monday, April 6, 2009

A gazillion words to say...

Quinn's third birthday.
Doing life.
Did I mention the sunshine?

I've had a thousand posts going on my head with cute pictures but here we are in April and I'm blogging. I'll keep the gazillion words to myself and hit the major points!

Quinn's third birthday was March 31st! This sweet boy is 3 and we can't believe it! We love his quirks, his fascination with Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny, his endearing phrases ("Excuse me, can I get a little help here?!"), his current passion for lawnmowers and fertilizer, and his purposeful questions ("When Jesus comes back will he knock on my door and ask me to play?)

Quinn had his first big time head scrape. Lots of tears and then he was running around!

We had a great day in the sunshine Sunday which included church, a trip to Coffee Cottage and the Fox track, and then a birthday dinner at my parent's house with special guests, Aunt Judy and Uncle Graydon.

Uncle Graydon and Quinn picked this one for you...

At work I've been busy putting together an exhibit called "Who Is My Neighbor?" Thinking about what Jesus had to say about loving our neighbor and who is my neighbor. The exhibit focuses on exploitation of others, culture and race, homelessness, and body image. I'll take some pictures and post them...and share some links that have had an impact on me and what I'm thinking about.

On Friday we get to find out the gender of this new baby! We are just about 18 weeks and we're looking forward to this time on Friday. Check out the poll on the right and let us know what you think we're going to have...

And sunshine is good for the heart and the soul!


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Happy 3rd Birthday, Quinn! How can it be already??

Can't wait to hear what the new baby will be. I voted girl! ;)

Miss seeing you so often. Hope you're doing well!

Elizabeth said...

MD - is that a Bolivian scarf you're wearing? My mom pointed it out because she has a teal one just like it. :)