Friday, December 12, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

I blogged.

I feel like I've had a few posts that have involved me saying that I've been meaning to post but life has happened and it is now weeks later and I'm only now posting again. I won't belabor the point--I'm sure you understand. So, moving right along...

The Christmas tree is up, the decorations are out and about, and we drove through Newberg last night looking at Christmas lights. Quinn LOVES Christmas lights. Lots. Lots. Lots. He calls out the kind of light he has spotted (There are IIIIIIIIcycle lights!) and what animal he has spotted (Look!!! Reindeer!). Every snowman is Frosty and he is thrilled with cand
y cane lights. He likes to check out the lights on the neighbors' houses.

The other morning, Ryan and Quinn came out to turn on the tree's Christmas lights.
Ryan said, "Good morning Christmas tree!"
Quinn said, "Daddy, the Christmas tree doesn't have a mouth."

Just in case you were wondering. Christmas trees don't have mouths.

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Aj Schwanz said...

I think we'll all have to make blog badges that say "I blog better in my head". :D

We drive around to look at the lights as well - one of our favorite traditions.