Thursday, October 2, 2008

Is it October?

This past month has flown by very, very quickly and been very, very full. I'm eager to have some more time to share some pictures and tell some stories. In the meantime, I thought I'd list some things going on in the Dougherty household to just say we are still here!

  • I'm choosing to embrace fall now that October is here. I can actually get out the fall decorations and Quinn is eager to go to a pumpkin patch. In honor of my decision to let go of the summer I drank a hot vanilla latte.
  • We had four days of tree trimming done...arborvitaes sheared nine feet shorter, large trees trimmed, small trees trimmed. The yard got a hair cut.
  • Ryan spent a week in Seattle for a national admissions conference.
  • Quinn took his first airplane ride! We went to visit Grandma Laurene in the Oakland area and it was a quick but special trip.
  • Tonight is my last first year seminar class, a class I've been co-teaching with a friend. It has been enjoyable.
  • We've been navigating the past week and a half at George Fox with some difficult times on campus in the wake of a serious incident last week. Political issues, racial issues, student decisions, and what it means to be a follower of Christ. It is hard to put into words this unexpected and difficult time--if you read the link above you'll see that the situation involved the program I work with on campus and the scenario obviously has a major impact too on Ryan's work through admissions and what others learn about George Fox. I'll share more about this in the future.
  • At work I had a really great experience putting together a program called a Sophomore Evening of Black and White. A classy reception for sophomores and it turned out so well. I'm still exploring the best way to work well, organizing myself and my time.
  • Quinn got to enjoy two fun birthdays--one at the zoo and one cooking and being a chef!
  • Quinn. That kid is so fun and funny. How he sees the world, expresses himself, and shows his humor and compassion. I kid you not, the kid has a talent for voices like his dad. And a tender heart. What a sweet little man. He has just entered into the world of "Why"?...about everything.


Ashley Willey said...

when i saw on the news what happened at fox i thought of you because of your role at fox. i hope things have been addressed well and pray people dont get the wrong impression about what Fox represents and the students there.

Beth said...

Meredith - you've been on my thoughts this October. I tagged you on our only if you want to. Also, an explanation is on our blog.