Monday, September 8, 2008

Is it Monday already?

We've been cruising right along as students return to campus, Orientation ends, school begins, and we work on keeping up with "stuff". I thought I would share some of the random observations we've made in the last two weeks:
  • Last week at about 7AM I looked out the sliding glass doors and saw a chicken poke its head out from the back of our shed. A chicken? What?! So I went outside and walked around by the back fence and sure enough there was a random chicken in our yard! I "helped" him find his way to the front yard and called animal control. They asked for a description of the chicken and said someone might have a permit for him. They would take care of it.Again, a chicken?
  • I am over saturated by TV viewing since 8/8/08 and two weeks of the Olympics, a week of the Democratic National Convention, and a week of the Republican National Convention. Quinn knows all the names of the CNN news anchors and presidential candidates--what two year old knows who Wolf Blitzer is?
  • Our church had a great service Sunday followed by a BBQ. It was fun to spend time with friends and there was a big "bouncy house" for the kids to crawl through, bounce in, and slide out of. Quinn was ALL about the bouncy house and I got to crawl through with him so he wouldn't get bounced on by the bigger kids. Whew! It was fun!
  • A class I am co-teaching met twice last week and it was neat to see these 15 students and begin to learn a little bit more about them as we discuss what it means to follow Jesus and read through portions of "Blue Like Jazz".
  • Quinn is eating MUCH better! He started taking mirolax about three weeks ago and our newest theory is that with his CF, it has been hard to get a handle on how constipation and "his plumbing" all work because all of those things work a little differently for Quinn. If food is sitting in your stomach and not working through your system, then you don't want to eat! Since starting the mirolax Quinn has actually said he is hungry! That he wants a snack! He has eaten larger quantities of food! He wants pizza! Hallelujah!
  • Quinn has also been adding to his repatoire of songs--"I love you Lord" and "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Sweetest name I know" have been sung out of the blue. It reminds me how much he is listening and picks up on as we go through out the day.
We're trying to enjoy this sunshine as much as possible and continue to say that September is part of the summer season! I reject the Fall and WINTER decorations I've seen in some stores! I won't do it! :)