Sunday, August 24, 2008

My little notebook

My second year as an Area Coordinator, our Assistant Area Coordinators (thanks Tim) gave us the "pretty pink petal" notebooks which we used and used and used and used. And thus began my love of the little notebook in which to write down all the notes I need to keep my life in order. I started a new little notebook a few weeks ago and it made me a little giddy.

I checked off a WIDE variety of items from the list in my notebook this weekend and it makes me happy tonight...
-clean bathrooms
-clean floors
-laundry (5 loads washed and put away)
-dinners planned for the week
-dinners made on the weekend
-tackled some work tasks
-served in the nursery
-Quinn's therapy
-map out schedule for the week
-groceries Friday morning/errands this weekend
-little outing Saturday morning
And a few other things...

Crossing things off my list makes me very, very happy!

In other news, our cash in the envelope experiment is going really, really well. It is making us more conscientious and alert to our spending habits. I'm really proud of us! As Quinn would say, "Go team!"

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