Friday, August 15, 2008

My grocery list

Fridays are my grocery shopping days--my sister, Quinn, and I head out and tackle a couple of stores and today we will brave the heat! I mentioned in another post that we were working on simplifying. One way we are doing that is in how we track our finances. The "cash in the envelope" system has been around for awhile but we've decided to see how that method works for us. We are firm believers in paying off our credit card, which we do at the end of each month and we've used it kind of like a debit card. But we have some family members that use this system (you might too) and so the envelope experiment began this week.

The other thing that I do to save time when shopping is to use a grocery list that has items listed out by aisle (an idea inspired by Real Simple). I have the items we most typically buy listed, the aisle they are in, and then spaces where I can still write things in that are just occasional needs. It makes grocery shopping pretty simple and we don't have to wander around looking for where something is! It saves time and keeps me focused.

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Heidi Boos said...

I've been meaning to try out setting up my grocery list like how you mentioned. It seems like it would be very user friendly and that way I could actually get everything on my list without saying, "Oops! I forgot to go back to Aisle ___ and get __" as I'm walking out the door. Hope your shopping trip was successful. And, fill us in on how the "money in the envelope" system works for you. I'm not so sure I would be very good at it. :)