Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boise Family Photos

While we were in Boise with the whole Dougherty clan, we spent some time at a beautiful park with a photographer. We were able to get some great shots of the whole group plus some good stuff with "just us". We really love them!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My little notebook

My second year as an Area Coordinator, our Assistant Area Coordinators (thanks Tim) gave us the "pretty pink petal" notebooks which we used and used and used and used. And thus began my love of the little notebook in which to write down all the notes I need to keep my life in order. I started a new little notebook a few weeks ago and it made me a little giddy.

I checked off a WIDE variety of items from the list in my notebook this weekend and it makes me happy tonight...
-clean bathrooms
-clean floors
-laundry (5 loads washed and put away)
-dinners planned for the week
-dinners made on the weekend
-tackled some work tasks
-served in the nursery
-Quinn's therapy
-map out schedule for the week
-groceries Friday morning/errands this weekend
-little outing Saturday morning
And a few other things...

Crossing things off my list makes me very, very happy!

In other news, our cash in the envelope experiment is going really, really well. It is making us more conscientious and alert to our spending habits. I'm really proud of us! As Quinn would say, "Go team!"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And he is in bed...

8:20. Quinn is in bed. Lights out. Stories read. Songs sung. Prayers prayed. I'm recording this moment.

It has been a very, very long month. Quinn and I both currently have strep and both got antibiotics on Monday. I woke up in the middle of Sunday night feeling like I had two golf balls in my throat and couldn't swallow. And Quinn, well his strep wasn't in his was on his bum. Yeah. I probably won't be able to write that when he is 5, huh? Not a pretty picture.

It is a busy season in the Dougherty household. New students arrive next week. Work for Ryan is very, very, very full. I have some new responsibilities at work this year with the same flexibility within which to complete those tasks but I'll be investing some more time. We're continuing to navigate Quinn's needs and determine what is best for him at this time. If you think of us, would you pray that we have wisdom, a sense of the Lord's leading in what to be involved with and what to say no to, Quinn's health and the decisions we make related to it, and how to ask for and receive help if we need to. We aren't invincible. We certainly don't have it all figured out. Prayer and encouragement are deeply valued.

Today Quinn and I played baseball--he was the pitcher and I was the batter. He was a great pitcher and I kept hitting the ball. After I hit the ball he would say, "Run the bases!" So I would take off running all over the house and he would follow me running close behind. And we'd get back to the ball and bat, clap, and give each other a high five. And then, the ball would be thrown, hit, and the call to " run the bases!"

Run the bases!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Saturday, August 16th, Pastor Rick Warren will moderate a discussion with Senator McCain and Senator Obama in a Civil Forum. It is their first joint meeting and appears to be their only meeting between now and the national conventions. I'm interested in hearing what the candidates have to share in this conversation. It starts at 5PM (PST) and will be shown by major news stations (I'll be checking out CNN).

A Top 5 (at least today)

Things under $5 that I couldn’t live without:
-A Starbucks coffee
-Lip Balm



Favorite Movies:

-Dan in Real Life
-The Bourne Identity series
-Jane Austen films
-Four films I thought were really powerful but couldn't watch multiple times: Blood Diamond, Schindler's List, Hotel Rwanda, and Crash
-The National Treasure series

Songs I could listen to over and over again:

-"Yellow" by Coldplay

-"Sleeps with Butterflies" by Tori Amos

-"Landslide" by Stevie Nicks
-"Lead Me On" by Amy Grant

-"Prince of Peace" by Rich Mullins

Books I love:
-"The Road to Daybreak" by Henri Nouwen
-"The Signature of Jesus" by Brennan Manning

-Anne of Green Gables series
-Inspirational fiction
-I'm about to start "The Jesus I Never Knew" and I think I'm going to really, really dig it

People who have influenced me in a positive way:
-My dad and mom
-My grandma

-My girls from college

-Rich Mullins

Things that are always in my purse:

-lip balm

Moments that changed my life forever:
-In 1994 when I left Alaska to move to Oregon and go to George Fox.

-In 1999 when I left Indiana to come back to Oregon--the direction of my life took a major change!
-When Ryan and I got married in 2003.
-When I accepted the position as area coordinator for HMS.
-When we had Quinn and the joy and challenges that presented.

Obsessions I currently have:
-the Olympics

-finding a good deal...
-finding ways to be more efficient


Places I would like to go:
-Back to the Middle East (I'd love to take Quinn through Israel and Palestine)


-United Kingdom



Appliances or kitchen tools I couldn’t live without:
-ice cream scoop
-coffee maker
-espresso maker
-Swedish cheese slicer

My grocery list

Fridays are my grocery shopping days--my sister, Quinn, and I head out and tackle a couple of stores and today we will brave the heat! I mentioned in another post that we were working on simplifying. One way we are doing that is in how we track our finances. The "cash in the envelope" system has been around for awhile but we've decided to see how that method works for us. We are firm believers in paying off our credit card, which we do at the end of each month and we've used it kind of like a debit card. But we have some family members that use this system (you might too) and so the envelope experiment began this week.

The other thing that I do to save time when shopping is to use a grocery list that has items listed out by aisle (an idea inspired by Real Simple). I have the items we most typically buy listed, the aisle they are in, and then spaces where I can still write things in that are just occasional needs. It makes grocery shopping pretty simple and we don't have to wander around looking for where something is! It saves time and keeps me focused.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Quinn in living color...

Ready to watch?

Face First!

Oh, that is fun!

Whoa! I'm getting wet! I love it!

Uncle Kyler and my Handy Manny tools!

Ummm...could I get a bite of ice cream?

I love this carousel ride with my dad!

Ride'em cowboy!

I'm all ears!

A full month of highlights and lowlights...

Has it been almost a month since my last blog?

It has been busy and good and bad and everything in between. Some pictures, some words, and some thoughts.

Our lowlights involved some health issues for Quinn--issues around his g-tube and constipation. It took some painful days and nights to figure out what was going on and it ended with a trip to the ER, an ambulance ride to Doernbecher's, and a 24 stay at OHSU. Quinn is an amazing, amazing the ambulance (which was more of a precaution because he had pain medication and the doctors were concerned about us just driving to Doernbecher's) Quinn asked if we were going to rescue someone. He was just hanging out on the gurney, taking it all in.

We learned a lot on this trip which will help us better identify potential issues in the future but it was really a rotten weekend. Quinn's crying caused his poor voice to be hoarse so it took him some time before he sounded like himself. We had pretty good nurses but I had some frustrations with the residents. One of the CNAs at the hospital was very kind and her name was Zulu for "the one we have been waiting to see". We talked about Quinn's name being Celtic and meaning "wisdom". While we were together, Quinn began to cry and said, "My eyes are eyes are leaking." Our CNA said, "Oh yes, he is a very wise man."

Praise God for the surgical nurse we saw after we had been released...she solved the g-tube issues and after about 3 weeks Quinn's tube looks 1000 times better! Again, it is kind of like having an ear piercing that gets very irritated but in this case, you can't take out the g-tube to let it heal.

The day after we were released from the hospital, we headed to Idaho for a Dougherty family reunion! All of Ryan's siblings and their families plus Ryan's parents were in the Boise area. Seeing family and spending time together was a wonderful highlight! We were glad to see everyone and while Quinn was in recovery mode, we had some great chats and great times together. We even got to do a series of family shots with everyone and individual families too. We sampled some of the best ice cream/dessert spots that Ryan's sister Heidi had scouted out for us. As Ryan's brother Derek said after he left, we have to get used to not having two desserts with each meal. Eating meals--especially dessert--is a favorite family activity!

The start of the Olympics is a highlight! I love watching and I love hearing these stories. I just started reading "Heavenly Man" which is about a Chinese man who has been a key part of the underground church in China. I am really curious how these Olympics will influence Chinese culture and the government. Watching the men's swimming relay Sunday night was awesome! I love the surprises!

August in Higher Ed is both a highlight and a lowlight :) It means the summer is coming to a close but the exciting elements of the school year are about to begin. I'm enjoying some of the projects I'm working on and looking forward to seeing events and programs in motion. I continue to work with the Act Six program and now some other areas of student transition. Good stuff!

I'm learning about simplifying. I suppose this is always in process but certain times it becomes more clear. Where I spend time, money, energy, and priorities...more about that later.

Highlights and lowlights...they all come with the territory, don't they?

Be sure to check out my previous post about Derek Redmond! It is worth your time!

He didn't finish first...

The stories of the Olympics...those are my favorite.

The one that is touching my heart right now is the story of Derek Redmond at the Barcelona Olympics.

If you have two minutes to spare, check out the Go World site by VISA.

Roll your cursor over Athlete Stories and choose Derek Redmond.


I am inspired by Derek's persistence. I am inspired by his Dad's presence. I am wondering if it is a picture of God with us...