Saturday, July 12, 2008

My own special singer

Quinn really likes to sing and has been picking up the songs we sing at night before he goes to bed as well as a secret track on my cousin Tyrone's CD. We finally got him on video singing so we thought we'd share our songbird with you...

When Quinn sings "Oh, How I Love Jesus" he also says what Tyrone says at the start of the track which goes something like: "This is the first song I sang at church with my dad. So here is my dad and myself to sing for you." He does the call and response of the first verse like he is Tyrone and Uncle Myron.

"Oh, How I Love Jesus"
Say Ty do you love Jesus
Yes Dad I love Jesus
Do you really love Jesus
Yes I really love Jesus
Tell me why you love Jesus
Here is why I love Jesus
Because he first loved me
Oh how I love Jesus

Oh how I love Jesus
Oh how I love Jesus
Because he first loved me.


Heidi Boos said...

Wow!! What a singer! And to know ALL the words?? This is seriously SO cute and what a fun treasure to watch when he gets older.

Sarah said...

MD - that was such a fun video to watch! :) How cute! I love how Quinn gets louder at the end too. It makes me excited to see what my own little one will be like. We're down to basically 2 weeks until the due date...just waiting now! Tell Ryan hi and we love you guys!

Chrislyn said...

I sometimes stumble onto your page after visiting my sister's :)

First of all - I love your stories!
And second, Tyrone Wells is one my favorite artists. I can't believe he is your cousin. :)

jkirksey said...

That is awesome! So very fun!

Audrey said...

Mere-- Are you kidding? Tyrone Wells is your cousin?! Someone recently shared his cd with me and I bought it right away-- he is like an epidemic in my circle of friends right now. I can't even believe how small the world is....and as always, I love your blog. You have such a way with story-telling. i like how you described Quinn and Ryan's heart to heart. You are great.

Ashley Willey said...

what a beautiful boy :) i still remember when you showed us the ultrasound picture to tell us you were pregnant!! you guys are truly blessed