Saturday, July 12, 2008

American Idol

What a crazy time last night to hit the American Idol concert where the Rose Garden was super full! A big stage, flashy lights, and the American Idols performing one at a time in a countdown to the American Idol winner David Cook. I was most excited to hear the top 5 and for me, Brooke White is still amazing. She did such a great set and sounds SO comfortable on stage. If you're going to the concert and don't want to hear what happened, skip down to the end of the page.....

Brooke played piano on "Let It Be", guitar on Feist's "1,2,3,4", and piano on Coldplay's "Yellow". She was amazing! The first six sang "In the Name of Love (Pride)" by U2 which was pretty good too! Jason Castro said he rode the MAX and went to Powell's books Thursday. David Archuletta was awesome (and the screams for him were out of control). He still is his own bashful, goofy self. And David Cook, had a rockstar entrance and gave a rockstar performance. He seemed super at ease with the crowd and thrilled to be singing...he covered a few songs from the show as well as a new one. He really is a rocker! Brooke and David C. are still my favorites and it was crazy to see them in person!

I'm glad we went...we had a good time and it is always fun to be with Ryan. It was our first date out since April!

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