Thursday, May 29, 2008

the rest of the story...

I ran into a student who was a resident in my living area my last year as an area coordinator. I reminded him of a prank that he helped clean up on his floor...and he told me the story behind the prank. I know some of you have some prank histories so you'll enjoy this one...

A prank had been pulled on his the fall, someone had brought
bags and bags and bags and bags and bags and bags of fallen leaves up to the second floor and dumped them all over. This process would have taken a lot of time and effort.

Guys had to literally crawl over piles of leaves in order to get out their doors.


The RA from that floor (the second floor), the RA from the third floor, this resident, and I spent all afternoon hauling the leaves outside.
While I was pregnant.
We completed a major task and I thanked these three guys over and over while wondering if the story behind the leaves would ever come out.

Three years later. Everything comes out in the end.

Come to find out, the roommates of the resident had pulled on prank on the guys one floor above. In response, the RA from that floor (the same RA who helped clean up the gazillion leaves) dumped the leaves in front of the rooms of that resident and his roommates plus the other rooms on that end of the floor. The RA dumped the leaves in the middle of the night and helped me clean up the leaves the next afternoon.

Do you see where I'm going with this?
The prankster/RA never said a word.

But he is getting married this summer.
And I think I'm going to buy him a rake.

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Sarah said...

Good story! :) I too had a prank clean up (kind of...I could tell you the whole story later) happen a few weeks ago with 2 of my RA's the day before graduation. Hmmm...weird trend. I'll just say 7 months pregnant and all the laundry rooms on campus for a day don't go together well. Makes for a good story though! :) Love ya!!