Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A great visit!

We had an encouraging visit at Doernbechers this morning--we met with one of the doctors we like really, really well and also got to see the normal crew (the nurse was named nurse of the year and he really is great)!

The infamous scale and height chart appeared...what would it say?

25 pounds, 6 ounces.
2 feet, 9 inches.

March 4th Quinn was 23 pounds, 3.8 ounces so this is a big change! Both in part to Quinn's improved eating (we still have a ways to go) and about 2 weeks with the feeding tube. The nutritionist was THRILLED and we had some conversation about whether or not to increase the calories Quinn is getting at night to a higher amount. Going to clinic today, I expected us to increase those calories but at this point we all jointly decided to keep things as they are and see what kind of gains Quinn continues to make. Fabulous!

We had an encouraging visit today and are hopeful about how things will continue to go!


Aj Schwanz said...

Hurrah hurrah! [Insert happy dance]. It's so nice to be able to rejoice about weight gain instead of American typical "aw man, another pound". I don't mind getting used to it. :)

jkirksey said...

This is great news! We are rooting for all of you in PA. PTL and blessings on you.