Sunday, May 25, 2008

Catching Up to Keep Up

Last night we took a stroll to get ice cream with Quinn. It was so nice to enjoy some sunshine, ice cream, and Quinn's cute ice cream covered face. As we walked home, the dark clouds in the distance were moving closer and from the looks of the clouds it sure seemed that the reports of thunderstorms were imminent! I think we must have looked pretty funny speed walking while eating an ice cream cone. We made it home before the raindrops began but we had great claps of thunder and flashes of lightening last night with a steady rain. Quinn was sleeping and Ryan and I were playing Mario Kart on the Wii.

It has been over a month since Quinn's surgery and almost two months since Quinn's second birthday. I am really enjoying this time with Quinn--Ryan and I are both amazed, surprised, tickled, and intrigued by what Quinn shares, does, and communicates. He is a funny, bright, patient, curious, cautious, adventureous kind of kid. Can you be all those things at one time? I guess Quinn makes it happen.

He likes to hug and be held: "Mama, I hold you?" He likes to look at books and be read to. He likes to draw us pictures--today he drew me a picture that is obviously a man's head. He has drawn other pictures of hearts and helicopters. He still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Bob the Builder, Handy Manny, and Little Einsteins. He is recently become enthralled with Veggie Tales, especially "Dave and the Giant Pickle". He loves to race and will count out, "Ready! Set! GO!" and dash down the hall way. He is telling us more about what he wants to do and try, "I'll do it myself!" And, if mom and dad say we need to do something differently than he thinks should be done, Quinn is learning to talk about it which means him saying, "I'm frustrated!" and me trying not to laugh because this two year old is telling me with great sincerity how frustrated he is.

Today Quinn told us he was going "over the ridge". Not quite sure where the ridge was but that was where he was going. He has a pretty excellent sense of direction (unlike his mom) and likes to know what we are doing. He recognizes all those important logos (Nike "fwoosh", Target, Starbucks, Bob the Builder, Home Depot, the U of O "O", and George Fox). He is also quick to point out any cross he sees and will tell me about going to church.

As we walked into church this morning, the service had already started (surprise, surprise) and the congregation was singing. Quinn said, "They're singing!" We asked, "What are they singing?" Quinn said, "Songs to Jesus!"

At night, after we have Quinn's tube connected to the pump that gives him formula all night, we sit in the rocking chair and sing songs while Quinn is in bed. If he gets to choose a song, he gives a little phrase from the song as his cue: "my feet" is Thy Word, "grace" is O Lord, You're Beautiful, "Jesus" usually means a medley of Jesus Loves the Little Children and Jesus Loves Me. This is a new part of our bedtime routine since Quinn's g-tube surgery.

I think that Quinn is responding well to the g-tube addition--he has found ways to work around the tube's location as he crawls up and down chairs. He is still very patient as we put the tube/pump together and we've navigated the random night when the tube pieces come unhooked the formula leaks on Quinn and his bed rather than going into Quinn's stomach! Next week we'll go back to OHSU for some more teaching about the pump and for another weigh in. I really think Quinn has gained weight! He feels heavier to me, his clothes are filling out better (I've gone shopping for him a couple of times!), and I'm going to have to find him some new pants really soon! I can't wait to do some more shopping for him.

We are seeing an occupational therapist now to continue work with the food issues for Quinn. Even with the night feeding from the g-tube, Quinn is still eating some food for breakfast (which some kids stop eating) and we are still exploring textures and food types. He is still doesn't eat a *lot* of anything--although, he did eat all the chocolate ice cream of his ice cream cone last night which was great! Because of the g-tube, eating can now be recreational with more variety versus every meal revolving around calories. Hopefully, the OT appointments benefit Quinn with how he eats, what he eats, and the quantity of what he eats.

I'm making an effort to keep up on my blogging so I don't have to catch up! I hope to post more soon!

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