Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home from the Hospital

Just a quick update tonight about Quinn!

We are home from the hospital as of 2PM today and are all so thankful to be back home. Tonight, Quinn is sleeping well in his own crib with a IV stand holding a bag of formula which is slowly finding its way into his tummy. His body is taking the new addition well and has tolerated the feeds the last two nights so we are praying that response continues tonight too.

Ryan and I got everything set up, attached, filled and turned on so formula is flowing. Quinn is pretty sore right now. The surgeon likened it to getting a piercing--the g-tube (called a "mic-key") is able to spin around like you would an earring. And for anyone who has a piercing, you know it is pretty sore when you twist it at first! As it heals and the skin toughens up, it won't be painful but for the time being we are keeping the Tylenol close at hand.

Like the pictures above display, Quinn is getting better and feeling more like himself. He is asking new questions and was eager to be home to play with his cars and Handy Manny tools. He is protecting his tummy in how he moves and climbs and we are looking forward to seeing him feel 100% physically.

I will confess that this process brings up serious anxiousness for me. In different walks down corridors, conversations with medical staff, watching other kids in the pediatric head and my heart are full of questions and observations. Maybe feeling a bit is strange to walk by Quinn's room and see the IV and cords there...again, we are discovering a "new normal" and that process takes time.


Cara said...

Meredith, you are all troopers. I pray you and Ryan have strength to pass through this time as well. You all three are amazing people!

Teri said...

Thanks for the update. Look forward to watching Quinn get stronger and stronger. Can't imagine how hard this is for Mommy and Daddy, but just keep asking your questions. I would imagine knowledge is a big help in your battle.