Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two hours in a small room

Quinn really is a trooper as he was stuck in a small exam room for about two hours this morning--his patience was worn thin!

The surgeon we met with had a cancellation while we were with him and offered that opening--this Monday for surgery. In further conversation with the surgeon he does not advise doing the stomach tightening at this point so that we can see if the medication Quinn is taking continues to help as well as see how he responds to the feeding tube. If the stomach tightening is needed at a later date, it can still be done.

Monday we'll head back to Doernbecher Children's Hospital on the OHSU campus for Quinn's surgery. The surgery takes about an hour and then the three of us (Quinn, Ryan, and me) will be able to stay in a private room as Quinn recovers. Some places do this surgery as out-patient procedure but (Praise the Lord) OHSU keeps kids for 2-3 days to manage pain and make sure the surgery is without complications. I'm not sure how you keep a two year old in a hospital room but my understanding is that there is a TV/DVD player in each room (I think we may be buying and borrowing "Bob the Builder", "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", "Handy Manny", "Little Einstein's", and other DVD's we can come up with!) plus the unit has their own supply of DVDs as well as a play room.

After the surgery, Quinn probably won't feel a lot like playing...but he should be more comfortable after the first day and once we come home will just have Tylenol as needed. From the surgeon's perspective, most kids are back to "normal life" within a week. Part of the time at the hospital will be teaching and education for us which is good plus follow up training after we've been home for a bit.

We know that this is the best thing for Quinn. We have concerns that come with the surgery that any parent would have. I sometimes try to play out imaginary scenarios in my head which certainly don't help so I'm working on that. Quinn will be in an excellent hospital with a good staff and we are able to be with him all the time.

We value your prayers--that the surgery would be a great success, that Quinn's body would respond well, that the surgeons, nurses, and staff would be steady and clear in their work, that Quinn would do well spending three days in the same building, that the nutritional plans would come together well for his feeding (both through the tube and regular meals)...and for us...that we would be assured of Quinn's care, that we would be confident and at peace with this new development, that we would be healthy and well to be able to stay with Quinn, and that we would learn all of the new information we need in order to maximize the use of the feeding tube.

Quinn is still running all around--last night at my parents' house he was doing laps. We're eager to see him do that after he comes home next week.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!


Aj said...

Judah sent a few of his favs for Quinn to enjoy. I pray that y'all will experience boundless encouragement during this time.

Courtney said...

Mom and I got some fun presents for Quinn to enjoy while he is confined to his room. I also put Quinn on the CARM prayer list, so there are people out there praying for him.