Wednesday, March 12, 2008

St. Patrick's Day at the Hospital

It looks like we are set for surgery this Monday, March 17th. We received news this morning that insurance had given approval (11 days before they were required to do so) and Quinn is supposed to be at OHSU at 8:30AM Monday morning.

Thursday and Friday we'll be having some phone conversations with staff at Doernbecker's to see what additional ways we'll need to be prepared for Quinn's return home and this new change in all of our lives. One area we have to check on is that in the last 24 hours Quinn has developed a head cold. We have to check to see if that has any impact on the ability to do the surgery on Monday.

A few ways you can pray: for Quinn's cold to be healed and for Ryan and I to remain healthy, for the surgery to be free of complications, that we would all transition into this "new normal" with confidence and patience, and that Quinn would respond well to the feedings. One special point to note: the surgeon prefers kids to stay at the hospital two to three days for observation and teaching post surgery. Our insurance has only given approval for Quinn to stay 23 hours past surgery and will review any requests for a longer stay but we aren't sure what they will approve. Please pray that we will come home when it is the best time for Quinn.

We value your support and prayers...we are hoping we won't have anything more to say for a bit! :)

And on Monday, be sure to wear some green and think of Quinn! :)

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