Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quinn's surgery postponed

We were hoping to send an email after Quinn's surgery on Monday BUT wanted to let you know that because of Quinn's cold, the surgery has been postponed. Some head congestion and a cough make it such that it would not be the safest decision for Quinn to undergo surgery as planned. At this point, we will be waiting until the third week of April for Quinn's surgery.

In the meantime, we are going to explore some different resources for Quinn to assist with his eating. We will connect with a couple of new people to get a second opinion about how to best help Quinn with some of his "food stuff". I'm glad we can pursue this option and hope that it will present some new ideas and helpful outcomes.

Thanks for riding along with us--it feels a little bit like being the pinballs in a pinball machine :)

Thanks too for your continued prayers for Quinn--we are looking forward to celebrating his second birthday on March 31st. Can you believe it!? Quinn told us last night, "My birthday is coming up!"

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