Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Random Thoughts

This morning I can hear a bird chirping outside--very insistently. We have a large berry bush in the backyard that receives many bird visitors and Quinn and I like to watch them. Quinn gets pretty excited about them--"Birdy! Birdy! Tweet, tweet, tweet!"
Quinn and I went to library time again this week. He didn't make a break for the door this go round but he wasn't so sure he a) wanted to stay in one spot or b) wanted to listen to the songs or stories. As the librarian was reading Quinn would say, "All done? All done?" and then that was the signal and he could be free. Once he got to pick up a frog puppet he was OK participating and then when the bubbles were blown...all was well.

Last night we watched the Super Tuesday returns. Four years ago this coming summer we were in Maui. What does Maui and Super Tuesday have to do with one another you ask? We would play in the ocean and at the beach all day, go out for dinner, see the sites, and then because of the time change we would watch the Democratic National Convention. I actually remember Obama's speech at that convention. I'm glad that after Tuesday's results the races keep going. Each candidate has important things to say and important issues to raise--I'm glad they'll continue to get attention. We still haven't made decisions and we are registered as Independents.

Quinn and I went to OHSU this week (health care/insurance are areas of interest to me in this political race). It was a good appointment with the feeding specialist. Quinn's reflux medication is working well and there is been such a huge decrease in his amount of throwing up which is wonderful. He had gained half a pound which was terrific because a month ago he had lost a bit of weight. Our focus now is introducing new things to him and just working with him to become more comfortable with new foods. The technical term is "challenging" him. If you think of it, we would appreciate your prayers--specifically that he would really enjoy food and want to eat lots of things! I know that kids go through times of not wanting to eat or that they can be more picky--I think the food issue feels more intense because calories are so important for Quinn. I'd love for him to eat hot dogs and chicken nuggets! :) Right now those are tools for eating ketchup. It is a process.

This past weekend we saw U23D which was very, very enjoyable...I really felt like I was at their concert but I was sitting down quietly when I wanted to be singing along. Movie etiquette at a concert....hmmmm. It was a good show all round and the fact that it was 3D--WOW!

I think that covers the random thoughts for the time being...

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