Thursday, February 28, 2008

the non-important...

**6 Non-Important Things/Habits/Quirks about Myself**

I was tagged in a meme by AJ two weeks ago and am only now making it happen! I'm thinking about it and I can't think of random quirky things about myself...but maybe I'm over-analyzing...maybe I'll start there.

1. I think. A lot. About stuff. I don't over-analyze things as much as I used to but I still find myself over thinking and reminding myself to move on!

2. I know a lot of movie trivia yet I haven't watched a ton of movies. I know random things about movies I haven't seen. I'm not quite sure how I know some of the stuff I know but I do really well playing "Scene It".

3. I have a great affinity for Christian music from 1994-2000. A lot of it was music that was made during that time frame and other music from years past that I discovered during those years. When I hear Annointed, Susan Ashton, Bryan Duncan, Rich Mullins (especially Rich!), or dcTalk (and more) I get transported back and I love it!

4. I have a good memory for sports facts. My dad was a basketball coach and I recall random things from watching events on TV or in person. I often ask Ryan if he is glad that he married a gal who already a prior knowledge of sports and was willing to watch different events.

5. I've been to Rich Mullins' grave. Rich passed away when I was attending school in Indiana and I was so sad. His music and lyrics have been a major influence in my life. Rich grew up in Indiana and still had family in the area. Somehow some other friends and I stumbled up on some fellow students who were from the area Rich was from and who knew where Mullins was buried. We wanted to pay our respects so we took a road trip and eventually found the cemetary in rural Ohio on the Indiana/Ohio border. My goodness! Mullins talked about his family in some of his songs--his father had passed away and he'd had a brother pass away. We found those markers first and then found Rich's grave--no headstone but an old basketball backboard covered the spot the marker would be placed. We went back later that year and wanted to double check that we had found the right spot and on the second trip found that the marker was in place with Rich's famous phrase "Be God's" engraved on it.

6. If I had a different job I would be a professional organizer (I admire AJ's color coding). It doesn't mean that everything in my house is organized but I really enjoy organizing!

There we go! I tag El...


Courtney said...

I'm amused :)
Your thing for Christian music is what got me started on it- I have a soft spot for those same artists (especially Rich). Give me Screen Door any day!

Aj Schwanz said...

I'm so glad you're a thinker *and* a sharer: you're thoughts are too good to keep to yourself.

Oooh: you and I could open up an organization business together! That could be so theraputic - organizing other peoples' stuff *and* getting paid. :)

I bet you and Ryan are like Jason and me at Trivial Pursuit: I wrack up the movies/music/tv trivia, and he whomps up on sports. How he remembers all those names and stats, I'll never know.