Thursday, February 7, 2008

Food. Yay!

I wanted to say thank you to anyone who has prayed for Quinn and his eating. I wanted to report that yesterday Quinn got a cookie at the store and actually ate a few bites of it while we did our shopping! Yay!

Quinn ate some potato at lunch and I actually had some inspired ideas of what to try to give him. Yay!

At snack time we were at a friend's house and Quinn tried some cookie there. Yay!

At dinner Quinn actually ate bites of a slice of avacado which never, ever, ever has happened before! Yay!

And he nibbled on burrito and held his own mini-burrito which has never happened before. Yay!

He drank his milk, ate food, and did a great job eating a cookie--well, he really ate the frosting in the middle but we were thrilled!

So, if you've been praying for Quinn...don't stop! We celebrate steps in the right direction.


Aj Schwanz said...

Yay! [Insert happy dance]. Now Quinn's going to have to come teach Judah how to eat more variety: somehow pb'n'j, chicken nugget dinosaurs, and cheesy bread seems to be in around here - sigh.

JereAnn said...

Jesse lived on Cherrios and bananas when he was two. Now and again he ate meat in the form of a chicken hot dog.

Hang in there. A bite or two of food goes a long way in their little bodies.

I considered my efforts successful when I could get Jesse to eat something from the 4 food groups in one week. ;)