Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The news has had less to say about Kenya as other news pushes to the forefront. So many things happening around the world and every situation deserves more attention than it gets. Unrest, violence, refugees, cries for justice, yearnings for peace all continue and a couple of things continue to float in my head. What can we do for Kenya?

What can I do for another mother with a baby living in Nairobi? There is a great need to meet physical and spiritual needs among the people who are living through and in the midst of chaos and crisis. My uncle is the pastor of a church in So. Cal. called Eastside Christian Church. As a community they have discerned that their church is being called to partner with Kenyans and missionaries in Kenya to share the Gospel as well as attend to the physical needs of people. This discernment occurred before the latest political unrest began.

I really believe that God loves the people of Kenya. He always has. I can't go to Kenya right now but I can consider ways to partner with what his Spirit is leading others to do. Take a few minutes and check out the Eastside Christian Church homepage and click on Kenya Relief Fund. It will be two minutes well spent listening to individuals share about their experience this past summer in Kenya.

Consider giving to the relief fund (sending a check to Eastside, earmarked for the Kenya Relief Fund would take about two minutes...maybe more if you have to find a stamp). Consider praying for the Hams--the missionaries currently serving in Kenya. Sending money someplace can be a scary proposition but I am willing to vouch for Eastside. And if not financial support, consider taking two minutes to pray for the Kenyan community, for those seeking justice and peace, and for Jesus to be known in the midst of heartache.

Paul said that of anything that the apostles in Jerusalem could have asked him to do, they asked "that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do" (Galatians 2:10). Lord, make us eager.

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