Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Books, books, books

"One Lost Sheep" by Rhonda Gowler Greene is a book that Quinn received for his first birthday. Somehow when we opened it there wasn't a card connected to it. If you are reading this post, gave this book to Quinn, and wondered why you never received a thank you note--now you know! Quinn loves this book! Every single page has tape on it because Quinn has torn the pages apart in his eagerness to look through the book. It is a very sweet book.

Quinn will be twenty-two months old on Thursday...almost 2! Then we'll never have to give his age in months :) He has bundles of energy as he runs around people, couches, and tables. He still loves snowmen and wants us to draw Mickey Mouse and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all the time. He is using a sippy cup! We are still working on his love of food--he doesn't love to eat solids though he does have a healthy appreciation of cheetohs and yogurt. He loves using a hammer and saw (don't worry, they are plastic). Quinn likes drawing and writing--he even attempts to write his "name". He asked me the other day to write "Quinner" (what we often call him). He always has something to say and is willing to repeat anything...including the commercial he heard that said "money back guarantee". I guess there are worse things he could say. He loves to hold hands to pray and always wants to pray for his Uncle Chad. Uncle Chad, your nephew loves praying for you.

We went to library time yesterday carrying Quinn's library bag from cousin Aidan. We picked out new books and spent some time with other little ones listening to the children's librarian sing songs and read books. Quinn was very cautious as he checked everything out and made a bee-line for the door a few times BUT we prevailed and by the end Quinn was enthralled. Mostly because the librarian was blowing bubbles and Quinn was running across the room to get to all of them. Bubbles. We have a winner.

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Aj Schwanz said...

Aw: we normally go to storytime but ditched out this week. I'm bummed we missed you! Mothers of girls so don't get the precarious event that is story time: will they sit? Will they escape? Will there be a trampling during bubble time? :D