Friday, January 18, 2008

Beth Moore

I mentioned earlier having a hard time settling down to read in Scripture or pause to pray. I determined to get up earlier and be intentional. I started setting the coffee maker up the night before so I smell coffee after I get ready in the morning. Quinn is still asleep (or just talking quietly in his room). I pulled out a study I started a couple of years ago--Beth Moore's "Breaking Free" and I'm glad to be revisiting it.

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Stephanie said...

Hey Meredith! Just wanted to say I'm enjoying keeping up with your blog, and happy belated b-day! :) It's nice to see what you're thinking about and the ways you prioritize the things that matter. I just started a book called "He that is Spiritual" by Lewis Sperry Chafer--very thought provoking indeed! I will look forward to reading about your thoughts on "breaking free." Happy weekend to you and your family!