Friday, January 18, 2008


Yesterday was my 31st birthday! It was a fun day and as I hate waiting for things, Ryan let me open a few things before my birthday so really it has been a birthday week! Tuesday we went to Red Robin which I LOVE (Banzai or Whiskey River BBQ Burgers are the current favorites). Quinn says "Red Robin" when we drive by the establishment--what does that say about the influence of parents on children?

Wednesday I got to open some cards and Ryan bought me some pajamas.

Thursday--THE day--we got my free Coffee Cottage beverage and in the evening went to see "National Treasure". I really like those kinds of movies--adventure, heist, mystery--and I was not disappointed. I'll be curious to see what "page 47" leads to...I think a three-quel :)

Yet to come is a family dinner and some time with friends. Someone asked if I felt older. I'm 9 years away from 40. And really, I don't think a lot about getting older. Sometimes I do think about what my parents were doing when they were 31 and that is interesting to me.

I'm thankful to be 31!

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Ken Cook said...


The idea of being 9 years away from forty must seem really really scary. But take some solace in the knowledge that your sister is just about 7 years away from *30* and I am about 8 years away from the same mark.