Friday, August 31, 2007

Thoughts today...

I've picked a day for the garage sale--September 8th--next Saturday. I've continued to put items out in the garage in preparation for the big day. As I've continued through Marva Dawn's book, "Keeping the Sabbath Wholly", it has continued to be challenging to think about what my life revolves around. From some Jewish writings she explains that the Sabbath was the day and every other day revolved around the Sabbath.

I was reading this morning and read through a story about the thousands of people affected by nuclear testing in Kazakhstan. Families, children, communities suffering from mutations, deformities, and abnormalities after nuclear testing was done for years in the region. My heart hurts. Reading these stories tell me how much evil has been done and the impact of those evils. I feel for these men, women, and children suffering because of the decisions of individuals years and years ago. And I wonder if when we hear these stories we allow ourselves to connect with them or do we keep a safe distance. Parker Palmer once said that hearing the stories from the Holocaust should make us weep. But we often hear them as part of the facts of history--we stick to the facts. But the individual stories...the heart of history...the hearts of is the story of the communities in Kazakhstan.

I started "Mere Christianity" this week. First off, C.S. Lewis is brilliant and it takes me some time to sit and think about what he is presenting. When I read things I have to let them roll around in my brain and let them settle in. I'll be chewing on it for awhile.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Crafty and Creative

I've added a new link--the Crafty and Creative list. Art, home-made-crafts, ideas for gifts, and the like are on this list. There are some pretty amazing items made by people through out the country and the world. If there are some sites you like, let me know!

I'm thinking of ideas for Christmas :) Hence the question at the bottom of the blog. These sites might help me out!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Quinn outgrew his sandals and we wanted to find something that would be a transition from summer to fall...thus a pair of orange Crocs. Quinn loves them and keeps asking us to put them on him even with his pajamas on. At the mall kiosk he checked out Crocs and everyone else that walked by, giving each one his special one-handed Quinn wave. Most of the time people waved back--including the high school tough guys. Today Quinn said, "hi Crocs".

I've always liked the idea of simplicity (it helps living in a Friends-full community) and in my ideal world it would be something I thought of often and practiced much. In the past few weeks a few ideas of come to mind and I'm actually trying to put them into practice.

I'm planning for a garage sale at the end of the month. As I've thought of items to put in the garage sale I've added them to my "garage sale list" and moved some items to the garage. I found some things that I've had since high school--earrings from my Junior Prom (big, red, and gold!). It has made me think about why we have certain things, what was important about them initially, and what needs to be recycled. I can sort through Quinn's toys and clothes. I can whittle down the projects or "hobbies" I was going to begin and I can admit that they aren't going to happen. Ahhh...freedom.

I took a look at my closet and took a stack of clothes and shoes to New To You consignment in Mac. It was pretty liberating to look at the space in the closet.

My old boss and friend Dave gave me a book five years ago by Marva Dawn called "Keeping the Sabbath Wholly". I didn't have time to read it. That statement holds a LOT of irony because it is probably one of the things I needed to read the most. I have a hard time slowing down and I hate to leave things unfinished or incomplete. I want to get it done and I will keep pushing until the project--big or small--is done. The idea of stopping for a whole 24 hours goes against my typical way of thinking. Dawn points back to Sabbath keeping and the point of "ceasing, resting, embracing, and feasting". Over and over again she refers to the rhythm of six days of work and one day devoted to Sabbath--devoted to honoring God, spending time with family, being refreshed, and realigning priorities with God's versus work, accomplishment, or worry. So far, it has been very eye-opening and heart-opening. I think it is the very thing I've needed to read.

A few other items that I'm hoping to read/listen to:
The Divine Embrace-Robert E. Webber
Prayer: Does it really work? Yancey
Holy God-Brian Doerksen
The Divine Mentor-Wayne Cordero
For These Tough Times-Max Lucado
Praying God's Word Daily-Beth Moore

Simplifying in thought and practice...

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Little Man

We've been in Springfield for the past few days preparing for Derek and Tori's wedding. Quinn was a "little man" (the official program label) in the wedding and we had a great time with the family. Everyone was there and, from the photo, you can see the aftermath of the flower petals that Quinn charged through post-ceremony. It was a simple ceremony and Aunt Tori is now official.

And, in case you were wondering, I did finish the seventh Harry Potter in one weekend. WHEW! I've borrowed a second copy so I can reread it :) I enjoyed it immensely!