Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

It has been a fun break--time with family, Quinn's view of Christmas, and time for Ryan to be at home. We've been battling a few bugs along the way so we've moved a bit slower than my to do list would want BUT we've been relaxing which is GREAT for us!

We had fun with our small group at a Christmas party/mini-gift exchange.

Quinn had a little cold but seems to have recovered well--since our last visit to OHSU to address some of the food issues Quinn has only thrown up 3 times!!!! That is a world record in our household. 3 times in 2 weeks! We got to pray for Quinn with one of the elders at church and then the next day had our appointment. We are thrilled with how well Quinn is doing! He was chewing on some chocolate bar the other day :) and enjoyed it so much! I think he wants to share.
He had a fun Christmas with all the family--we got Quinn a Handy Manny Tool Set because it is his favorite cartoon on the Disney Channel. We even discovered a little boy on the cartoon is named Quinn. Quinn loves to play with the tools and it is the first and last thing he talks about each day.

I'm thinking about the new year--2008 is right around the corner. I will be 31 on the 17th. Oh my goodness! I'm really grateful for the what we've been able to experience, do, read, watch, and try in 2007.

In 2008...we hope to have more FUN! I hope to blog more. I want to organize more. I want to get outside my comfort zone more. I want to continue to create more of a comfortable place in our home. I would like to begin to exercise more frequently. I want to complete some unfinished projects at home. And, I want to be intentional about resting and relaxing--for me, this might be my biggest challenge.

To one and all, Happy New Year!

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