Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tis the season!

Thanksgiving is next week, the beginning of Advent is right around the corner, and I'm thinking about this new season. Are you thinking about these things too?

My sister and I made pumpkin spice rolls yesterday which is a yummy holiday treat! I'm thinking about a few Christmas gifts for family and friends. I'm thinking about some ways we can give to some places that are in significant need (check out the Sudan African Mission. The site has a link to my Uncle Myron and Aunt Donna who spent time with the missionaries in the Sudan). I get to bring out some Christmas music, and think about what we're going to do with our Christmas tree and a very curious 19 month old.

I'm feeling a bit I'm thinking about Advent, I want to be intentional about preparing hearts and home to celebrate the birth of Christ and promise of hope He brings. Something visual is helpful for me so I think I'm going to make my own Advent calendar...simple, colorful, and intentional. I'll post some photos once it is finished (now I have to do it!)

This morning my sister, mom, Quinn and I went to two bazaars which were fun and festive. I enjoyed myself and we made it through the heavy rain!

Time to change the my autumn door hanging to the red berries.


Peter or Beth said...

Meredith - I came across your blog through a few common friends, and I love reading it! I made the pumpking cookies for a GFU gathering here in Waco, TX. They were yummy. Thanks for sharing in so many ways! Blessings to you and yours - Beth Smart

Courtney said...

How do you make an Advent calendar? It sounds pretty interesting. As for your tree, put the gate play fence around it. It will keep Quinn and the tree safe (got this idea when watching Jon & Kate plus 8). I think we are going to decorate after Thanksgiving, since we'll be able to get the stuff when we're at Mom and Dad's.