Sunday, November 11, 2007


Tonight I'm thinking about Karissa and wondering what she would be doing if she were here right now. Different things remind me of Karissa at different times--whipped cream, coconut, braided hair extensions, a willing spirit, a passionate prayer.

I had to cry tonight and read El's blog and go through my memory banks.

I am reminded that there is a great cloud of witnesses and I believe that Karissa is there. And that she has asked Jesus many questions, and asked Paul about his letters, and asked Daniel about the lions, and asked Mary about the young Jesus, and Enoch about friendship with God, and Stephen about his vision, and Jonah about the whale (was it big? Was it really a whale? Did it smell? What did you eat?) And God is pleased with her and Jesus has shown her around the place he prepared for her. And she loves worshipping without boundaries of space and time.

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Elizabeth (El) said...

Thank you for calling me tonight... I wish I had more words to say. But I remember sitting with you during many 1 on 1s, just sitting... processing... remembering. I was glad to do that tonight with you, even though it was over the phone and much too short.

You are a thoughtful friend. :)