Monday, October 22, 2007

Sippy Cups

So now that Quinn is officially 18 months old we've decided to jump into the transition from bottles to sippy cups. Is Quinn old to do this or young--I'm not sure. In fact, so far I'd say that regardless of being late or early into this process, Quinn prefers a bottle 9.9999 times out of 10. We've made this attempt a couple of times before but today, I declare, we are committed to the process. I've read some different things about how to make the transition: everything from going cold turkey to removing the bottle one meal at a time. So far I'm trying the "one meal at a time" which says replace the bottle at lunch with a sippy cup for a week, then change snacks, then main meals, then the first and last one of the day. I'm not so sure...if you have ideas, let me know.

The first week of work went well. I'm adjusting to being gone two afternoons a week and doing some work from home plus finding out how to rearrange the home tasks I've typically done at those times. I've done some more baking--pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (yum!) and a great recipe for oven-baked french toast which is simple and delicious!

Ryan turns 30 on Wednesday! Yeah Ryan! Quinn is working on his rendition of "Happy Birthday". Ryan taught Quinn "This little light of mine" today--he was waving his finger in the air, singing "Shine, shine, shine", then "blowing out" the candle, and he gave a hearty version of "No!" to "hide it under a bushel?" Pretty sweet.

Quinn is predicting the Ducks over USC on Saturday by a field goal.

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