Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Days in Sherbert

I think that I love the color of orange in its various shades but I am very partial to that sherbert color of orange that you find in the enjoyable "Dreamsicle in a cup". You know, the little cups that give you a wooden spoon. They think of everything. I love the colors of the leaves as they are changing now too. So many colors to love!

Today was my first day of work! Work you say? I am working 10-15 hours a week at George Fox as the Act Six Program Coordinator (www.actsix.org). Act Six is a program which offers ten full ride scholarships to Fox to qualified urban leaders. It is an awesome process and seniors who receive the scholarship commit to spending the next nine months learning and growing together in preparation for attending Fox in the Fall. Once on campus, the Cadre of ten, continue to meet weekly with the Director of Student Transitions (my boss) and are purposeful in contributing to the Fox community in whatever seems best to that group. It is intentional, meaningful, and it is neat to have a small part to play. I get to work while Quinn is napping in the afternoon so I don't feel like I'm missing large chunks of time with him. My heart is very at peace with the new role and I know it will take a week or two to catch on to the new rhythm of life.

Ryan and I have also committed to leading a small group at our church this year. After a good year as members of a small group community, our large "small group" has split to form two new groups and we look forward to seeing where this group will go in the new year. Perhaps it will split and a whole other group will emerge! We are glad to be growing together with other Believers and continuing to learn as we focus on reading the Bible together and sharing this journey.

I had to return "Prayer: does it make any difference" by Yancey today and haven't been able to read the whole thing...yet. One thing I've taken away from what I have read so far is pretty simple: Why pray? Because Jesus did. Pretty simple and true.

I'm thinking a bit about stewardship too these days. Continuing on that train from August and September about simplicity and sabbath-keeping, it just keeps coming up. Financial stewardship and time stewardship are really the two big areas. I'll have to dive back into "Keeping the Sabbath-Wholly" while I wait to recheck out Yancey's book.

Ahhh...and I just thought I needed to post the before and after pictures of Quinn's eighth hair cut. What a cutie!

A day of new adventures...and the color orange.


Aj said...

That's great about your job: always wonderful to stimulate the non-mama part of the brain - and during naptime! :)

I'm excited to hear more of your thoughts on Sabbath. Tim Keel gave some great messages on that subject just a little while back (Jacob's Well in Kansas City).

FYI: NW Emerging Women Leaders is having a gathering at GFES this Saturday - a lunch to gather together and see what women leaders are called to do. Let me know if you, or anyone else you know, would be interested!

Ken Cook said...

Quinn is totally a walking Serra Mist Ad! He is So Cute, I want to be cute like that, so i too will drink "mist free"