Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thoughts While Ironing

Ironing gives time for all kinds of interesting thoughts. A year ago I was trying to figure out how to do everything. Life has changed in multiple ways and I keep figuring out new ways to do the things I need to do. So I decided I would do a little sharing about how my days are ordered. I try to get the house things done before 5 and before the weekend so I'm not doing those things when we could be having family time. I have a little notebook I use to keep all my lists in and I try to make realistic lists that I can actually get through each day. I like to make an "X" through the little boxes I make on each list :) Then if I can't finish something, I draw a line through it and move it to the next day.

Each day, Quinn and I hang out, play, run errands, and do all the things that 17-month old Quinn needs to do! I'm team teaching a First Year Seminar course for six weeks so I prep for that through out the week too. Each day I make dinner--a weekly menu has been a big help!

Mondays I do the white and dark laundry and go grocery shopping.

Tuesdays I vacuum and iron. Seminar is on Tuesday so I do some extra work that day for it.

Wednesdays I mop the floors.

Thursdays I clean bathrooms. This is a good day for dusting but I do this on other days too.

Friday I wash the sheets and towels and get all those changed. I try to do the things that I didn't get to during the week or that I need to prepare for the weekend.

I've started doing a weekly menu on Sunday evenings so I know if I need to buy something at the store Monday. We only buy a Sunday paper so we catch up on some news and get the coupons. I always keep a running grocery list with what items I'm going to buy with a coupon.

In the afternoon when Quinn is asleep I try to rest a little too--doing something I enjoy.

So those are some thoughts from ironing this morning.

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