Friday, September 21, 2007

Raspberry Tea

This morning I have some raspberry tea and honey while Quinn is watching his favorite half hour of TV--Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Quinn came down with a cold on Tuesday night and we've been navigating the world of sniffles and interrupted sleep. He is doing much better--Quinn and I slept through the night last night which is great. We are waiting for an electrician to come fix one light in the hallway and install five new light fixtures through out the house. That garage sale money is being put to excellent use!

I have to return a few books to the library but just got to renew Yancey's "Prayer: Does it really matter?" I just started it last night and am already really connecting with what he is sharing. The book is less of a "how to" and more of a "how come".

Tonight I get to have dinner and time with most of the gals from my 2004-2005 RA staff and I am SO looking forward to it. What a sweet group and a neat time to reconnect.

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