Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mission Completed

The above pictures are of the garage last night before the garage sale, the house during the garage sale, and our garage a picture of Quinn because he is pretty sweet!

Today was our garage sale and I am pleased to say it was a grand success! Ryan even brought me a very large iced vanilla latte and chocolate chip scone this morning to keep my energy up! Success for me today meant we would sell two very large bookshelves we've had in our garage, clear out items we no longer use, and see new space in our garage. We did all those things and had some unexpected bonuses along the way.

I didn't expect to meet four of my neighbors I hadn't met before but I did! It was great! I didn't expect to sell as much as we did but--we did! I didn't expect to have some neat conversations with people that came through but I did! I didn't expect my neighbor to offer to take any left over items to Goodwill but she did!

Simplifying...lots of stuff gone and I am glad that we now have some additional space and I can begin to organize the items we do want to keep. It was a good process and we learned some things along the way too about garage sales.

First, garage sales are best on Fridays. Second, May is the best time for a sale because people are ready for garage sale season to begin. And third, neon colored signs are BEST versus white signs (thank you Ryan, mom, and Kyler).

Lately I've read "The Five Love Languages", "Mission: Organization", and "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh who is a professional organizer on TLC's "Clean Sweep". Good stuff all around...

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Aj said...

What a great way to connect with folks in your neighborhood - who woulda thought? Man, I wish my garage looked like that! If you ever get bored . . . :)

I don't have your email, and I'm sure you've got tons of stuff going on, but I wanted to let you know that Women's Bible Fellowship this year at NFC (which isn't *just* NFC women - it just happens to be where we meet) is going to be exploring a Beth Moore study on the Fruits of the Spirit. I'd love to be able to connect more with you and know how you dig Beth Moore, so I wanted to extend an invite. Thursday mornings: 8:45-11:00am.

Happy Weekend!