Friday, September 21, 2007

Raspberry Tea

This morning I have some raspberry tea and honey while Quinn is watching his favorite half hour of TV--Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Quinn came down with a cold on Tuesday night and we've been navigating the world of sniffles and interrupted sleep. He is doing much better--Quinn and I slept through the night last night which is great. We are waiting for an electrician to come fix one light in the hallway and install five new light fixtures through out the house. That garage sale money is being put to excellent use!

I have to return a few books to the library but just got to renew Yancey's "Prayer: Does it really matter?" I just started it last night and am already really connecting with what he is sharing. The book is less of a "how to" and more of a "how come".

Tonight I get to have dinner and time with most of the gals from my 2004-2005 RA staff and I am SO looking forward to it. What a sweet group and a neat time to reconnect.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Walk or Run

I've been walking in the morning...trying to make it a lifestyle rather than a wish that I would exercise. So this morning when I went out to walk I wound up running for stretches. This is an amazing thing because I NEVER run. Never. Ever. And it actually felt good...

Save Darfur

I felt bad about Greg Oden's injury...and then I got to thinking about a blog I read the other night by a student who is passionate and broken about the mass killings in Africa. Not just the Sudan...but Africa. My paraphrase of her comment is this: "Telling Khartoum to play nice is like telling Hitler to stop killing the Jews." Here we are in 2007...why men, women, and children are killed, tortured, raped, forced into slavery, servitude, service in the army, maimed, and murdered and we don't say and do more...

And yet, I'm not sure what to do. Save Darfur.

A Dark Day in Portland

Greg Oden is out for the season...Ryan has already called the headline for tomorrow morning in The Oregonian: "Oden is O-done". Sigh...I watched the news conference this afternoon. I feel bad for him and I feel bad for the organization...that is a big turn around from wishing the JailBlazers would move out of Portland.

It was supposed to be 82 degrees today and instead I'm wearing my fleece indoors and out. Coincidence? Maybe not.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mission Completed

The above pictures are of the garage last night before the garage sale, the house during the garage sale, and our garage a picture of Quinn because he is pretty sweet!

Today was our garage sale and I am pleased to say it was a grand success! Ryan even brought me a very large iced vanilla latte and chocolate chip scone this morning to keep my energy up! Success for me today meant we would sell two very large bookshelves we've had in our garage, clear out items we no longer use, and see new space in our garage. We did all those things and had some unexpected bonuses along the way.

I didn't expect to meet four of my neighbors I hadn't met before but I did! It was great! I didn't expect to sell as much as we did but--we did! I didn't expect to have some neat conversations with people that came through but I did! I didn't expect my neighbor to offer to take any left over items to Goodwill but she did!

Simplifying...lots of stuff gone and I am glad that we now have some additional space and I can begin to organize the items we do want to keep. It was a good process and we learned some things along the way too about garage sales.

First, garage sales are best on Fridays. Second, May is the best time for a sale because people are ready for garage sale season to begin. And third, neon colored signs are BEST versus white signs (thank you Ryan, mom, and Kyler).

Lately I've read "The Five Love Languages", "Mission: Organization", and "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh who is a professional organizer on TLC's "Clean Sweep". Good stuff all around...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thoughts While Ironing

Ironing gives time for all kinds of interesting thoughts. A year ago I was trying to figure out how to do everything. Life has changed in multiple ways and I keep figuring out new ways to do the things I need to do. So I decided I would do a little sharing about how my days are ordered. I try to get the house things done before 5 and before the weekend so I'm not doing those things when we could be having family time. I have a little notebook I use to keep all my lists in and I try to make realistic lists that I can actually get through each day. I like to make an "X" through the little boxes I make on each list :) Then if I can't finish something, I draw a line through it and move it to the next day.

Each day, Quinn and I hang out, play, run errands, and do all the things that 17-month old Quinn needs to do! I'm team teaching a First Year Seminar course for six weeks so I prep for that through out the week too. Each day I make dinner--a weekly menu has been a big help!

Mondays I do the white and dark laundry and go grocery shopping.

Tuesdays I vacuum and iron. Seminar is on Tuesday so I do some extra work that day for it.

Wednesdays I mop the floors.

Thursdays I clean bathrooms. This is a good day for dusting but I do this on other days too.

Friday I wash the sheets and towels and get all those changed. I try to do the things that I didn't get to during the week or that I need to prepare for the weekend.

I've started doing a weekly menu on Sunday evenings so I know if I need to buy something at the store Monday. We only buy a Sunday paper so we catch up on some news and get the coupons. I always keep a running grocery list with what items I'm going to buy with a coupon.

In the afternoon when Quinn is asleep I try to rest a little too--doing something I enjoy.

So those are some thoughts from ironing this morning.