Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Back at the Ranch

After five days in Waco, TX with hot, muggy air I have returned to Newberg where it is currently cool and raining. Five days with Karin having adventures! It was a treat to spend time with her and see where her life is. Some highlights were: exploring Texas as we discovered we were lost on the way from the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport (see Venus, TX on a map), Starbucks, the fifth Harry Potter movie, meeting some of Karin's friends, thunder and lightening storm, reading three Harry Potter books, checking out Baylor, dinner with Kim, Kevin, and the Dougherty nieces, Homestead Heritage, dinner with Scott, Jilly, and Avy Jane at Rudy's (BBQ and gas station), choosing not to get gas at Rudy's, visiting Crawford, TX and rolling past President Bush's ranch and secret service crew, eating at the Crawford diner for lunch, sweet tea, Strengthsfinder, conversations and more conversations.

Since being home I'm not sure that Quinn knows quite what to do with me. He finally called me Mama this afternoon and we played "Magic Carpet" so we seem to be on good terms. Still sweet but I'm seeing a bit of "sassy-ness" that Ryan mentioned while I was gone. A little more "out-spoken" about what he wants and a little more inclined to hit his head with his hand if he is frustrated. Hmmmm...crossing bridges as we come to them.

The Strengthsfinder assessment was fun to look over (www.strengthsfinder.com). It is the second time I've taken it and I see that my top 5 strengths have shifted--I still have three of the same but added two new ones. My top 5 in order are: strategic, developer, responsibility, empathy, and individualistic. If you've never taken the Strengthsfinder assessment I encourage you to do so. Those five words may not make perfect sense until you've completed the assessment too.

I'm also considering doing some additional work for 10-20 hours a week--either at home or someplace else. Not quite sure where that might lead but I haven't ruled anything out and if you hear of something, feel free to email me. I'm curious as to what might be out there.

It is good to be home with the boys :) Here are a couple of photos of Quinn from when Quinn and Ryan were together over the weekend. Thanks too to Grandpas and Grandmas for helping with Quinn while I was gone!

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Kim said...

You know I love Strengthsfinder. We are the same #1 & 2. Maybe that's why we like to be together...speaking of...I would like that soon!

I'm glad to see you writing as much as you are. :)