Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Adventures in Vacation-Land

Vacation-land this year is at our own home as Ryan has this week off from work. So what do you do when you are at your own home during a vacation? You make sure you don't do the typical housework. You make sure you do things that you would normally do on a vacation like go out to eat and read lots. You take day trips to the beach!

Sunday brought a wonderful discovery--Quinn called me "Mama". Yes he did. He even pointed at me and said "Mama". What a wonderful, wonderful sound! And as we were out and about in the afternoon, Quinn sat in his front-facing car seat saying, "Mama. Mama. Mama." I could look back it him and grin. And then we would giggle at each other.

Yesterday we went to Cannon Beach for Quinn's first excursion on to the sand and into the Pacific Ocean. At first, he was not thrilled about his bare feet on the sand and turned to climb up my body like it was a pole. Our second attempt was a rousing success! With Quinn's sandals on his feet, Ryan and I walked out onto the beach with Quinn and the McIntyres. Quinn thought the extra layer between the sand and his toes was a good decision. It was the ocean that captured Quinn's attention. Ryan and Quinn stood in the ocean and Quinn LOVED it! He jumped, kicked, patted, splashed, and played in the water. He was thrilled! And when mom said it was time to go get warm--Quinn was not pleased! No! He wanted to stay and play. Who would have thought?

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katie said...

You're little family is just so beautiful I cannot help but smile when I think of you guys!