Monday, June 4, 2007

A bold life

I saw an interview with Angelina Jolie recently. It must be a strange experience to have people watching your every move and wanting an explanation for each decision. I'm curious about her and I do appreciate the commitments I see from this spectator's distance. She was asked about her children and her decisions to put herself in vulnerable positions in her travels to volatile parts of the world. What I heard in her reply was that she "wanted to live a bold life"--to be passionate about her family and passionate about issues important to her. And if something should happen to her while living those priorities out, then so be it.

The cynic in me feels like it would be easier to live a bold life when there are nannies to help and lots of cash BUT I know that a person can live a bold life without those extras. Boldness isn't based on the perks but a mindset and connection with those passions.

So I'm wondering, what does it mean for me to live a bold life. I want my mindset to be wider and broader and more aware. The ebb and flow of life means I have to focus on certain things at certain times, like helping Quinn manuever through these early stages of discovery. Caring for Quinn is one way of living out that boldness. I may not be able to fly to Nambia right now but I can become more aware of how I live and the impact my life, use of resources, and voice may have on people in Nambia or my neighborhood.

This one is going to require some more thought and conversation. There is a stirring and sifting going on...perhaps something that the Lord is moving in. Those sound like things that are part of his passion. Where does boldness lead?

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