Monday, April 2, 2007

what i'm listening to...

There is music I am enjoying immensely these days and thought I might offer a couple of recommendations to other folks.

Albums to buy:
Mat Kearney-Nothing Left to Lose
With Oregon roots, Mat is homegrown and has a great sound. His lyrics are great, he has a really great tone to his voice, and he has been getting a lot of air play. The whole album is excellent!

Tyrone Wells-Hold On and Snapshot
Fun lyrics and Tyrone has a great voice a la Stevie Wonder. He writes his own stuff and is emerging as a multifaceted artist. He even yodels. My favorites are "Need" and "Seabreeze". And I've been told that revealing the family tie (we're cousins) may ruin my upbeat review but even if we weren't related I would still love this music! I'm not kidding!

Songs to download:
Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)-Manfred Mann
The title makes you curious doesn't it :) This is an old Bob Dylan tune that has some folklore to it as it may refer to an encounter with Dylan and Anthony Quinn who played an Eskimo in a movie during the 60's. You'll want the Manfred Mann version of it and you WILL want to download this song to enjoy while you think about our sweet Quinn! Check out the lyrics.

Lead Me On
-Amy Grant
An anthem and a great reminder

Ask Me-Amy Grant
A story to hear and think on

Good for Me-Amy Grant
This reminds me of summer and how Ryan and I help each other

Sleeps with Butterflies-Tori Amos
Imagery, sweet melody, so great to play on repeat :)

Landslide-Stevie Nicks
Stevie is still good on her own without Fleetwood Mac. A wistful song with Stevie's rich voice.

Better Than-John Butler Trio
This group is from Australia and the song must be played loud. Seriously. Such a FUN song and the lyrics are great too.

Melissa-Allman Brothers
This is a throw back song that I heard again on a cell phone commercial. I remembered I liked it :) It screams 70's with sweet slide guitar.

I enjoy recommendations too...

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Sarah said...

Hey MD! :) We just checked out your blog...very cool! We loved seeing you in March and the impromptu holding session with little man Quinn. He's great! Oh and...high time Sanjya moved on, don't you think?
We love you and miss you guys! Swing by our place for an impromptu visit anytime. ;)