Wednesday, March 7, 2007

sheep in austria

I've wondered what it would be like to live in the mountains in austria where sheep cross the dirt roads when you're driving into town. And if the sheep got in your way, you'd just have to wait for them to mosey across the road until they found the right patch of grass. A place where you would have to get milk before the store closed at dusk otherwise you would wait until morning.

I think the sheep in the road is my way of thinking about slowing down. Life has been full, fast, and busy for many years. Do we have to move to a mountain town in austria for life to change? Do I need to hire a sheepherder to hang out on our street to help us slow down?

On the phone the other day, a sweet friend said: "we're busy, you're busy--everyone is busy." I thought about it later and we really aren't busy. When Quinn and I are at home and doing things around the house together, we aren't frantic or overwhelmed. Some days have more going than others but my mind doesn't feel stretched to the max and I can see space and margins in my day. I thought margins were an illusion but they really do exist.

Sometimes when individuals ask each other how they are, the response may be "busy" or "stressed". Isn't it interesting that when people say they're doing well or are relaxed or are calm, we can feel a little skeptical or irritated? Like those people need more to do! Or that they need some of what I'm doing! Ryan and I have talked about busy-ness as a mindset. It can become a way of life. I think I'm living with less busy-ness and more sheep...if you know what I mean. For that, I'm thankful.

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