Saturday, March 10, 2007

New bathroom anyone?

Ryan and I decided to go remodel our master bathroom. I don't think that anything has been done to it since 1980 and it needs a little love. We got some bids and feel like the time is right to pursue this project. It is exciting and we're eager to get going with it. We've been making decisions about what will be in the bathroom and are currently determining the flooring. Decisions, decisions, decisions! Here are the items we've already decided on:

You'll have to picture the light fixture without those shades. We found some at Lowe's that we both agreed on and think will be pretty cool. (If I can find the shade I'll post a link to it.) We'll be adding the same light fixture in Quinn's bathroom too.

I think we'll be painting the bathroom a green (click the Behr link and go through the steps to "select color by name", type in "asparagus").

This process has inspired me to do a few things in Quinn's bathroom too beyond changing the light fixture. I'm going to use some of the "sticke 'em" tiles to change the flooring, painting the cabinet base of the vanity white, adding black knobs, painting the mirror frame white, and potentially painting the formica counter. We'll see about that one. We'll paint the walls blue (click the Behr link and go through the steps to "select color by name", type in "pale sky").

I found a really fun shower curtain and bathroom items at Target (isn't Target the best?) to use in Quinn's bathroom. Safari animals and especially monkeys will be the new addition. Very cute and I think Quinn (and all our guests too) will really like it. I can't wait to get started!

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